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Exit & Emergency Lighting

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Exit Lighting

Exit and emergency lighting systems are a necessary component of a fire protection plan. Exit and emergency lights provide lighting in hallways, stairwells, ramps, escalators, aisles and exits during power outages. Crouch Fire & Safety Products test and maintain exit and emergency lighting systems. These lighting systems increase your security and safety and are required by law.
OSHA requires monthly and annual inspections on all Exit & Emergency Lights.

The monthly test consists of checking the integrity of the lights and batteries by pressing the test button for 30 seconds.  Check for physical damage and verify the light is properly aimed at the means of egress.

Annually a full 90 minute load test is required by disconnecting the AC power and checking the charging system voltage and the battery output voltage.

Crouch Fire & Safety Products will replace or repair any non-functioning unit with new bulbs, batteries or LED retrofit kits.