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With millions of cylinders in use today, no other cylinder manufacturer can match SCI's quality, durability and safety record. SCI cylinders meet or exceed the Department of Transportation (DOT) & Transport Canada (TC) strictest manufacturing standards. In addition, SCI is the leading SCBA cylinder supplier to the international market where quality and safety standards are also strongly enforced to protect the safety of firefighters worldwide.


SCI can provide Fire & Rescue personnel, Industrial Safety and other SCBA users with a significant reduction in the cost of their spare & replacement SCBA cylinders. By marketing directly through our channel of dealers SCI will deliver a better quality cylinder for less money than those whom you currently purchase your SCBA cylinders from.


In 1976, Structural Composites Industries became the world's first producer of DOT approved composite cylinders for commercial, military, marine, and aerospace applications. With over 100 different models designed and qualified at pressures up to 10,000 psi, chances are very good we have a lightweight cylinder to meet your needs. The majority of SCI's cylinders begin with precision aluminum liners which are then wrapped with either fiberglass, carbon, Kevlar or other aramid fibers in an epoxy matrix. The cylinders are then cured, individually pressure tested by an independent 3rd Party representatives of the US Department of Transportation.


With the introduction of SCI's New 30 Year Life cylinder, SCI has once again answered the market by providing extended service life cylinders. 30 Year Life


While nothing is Firefighter proof, SCI is the only manufacturer to have NEVER had a field service failure nor been part of a major product recall. In addition, with the introduction of the DURA-LITE 15™ & 30 Year Life cylinders, only SCI can offer improved durability and provide extended service life cylinders.